Deborah Davis has been speaking on accessibility in the world and inclusion in the media since 1991. She’s given countless keynotes and presentations, and has conducted hundreds of trainings. 

Deborah specializes in all aspects of disability and inclusion, as well as offering hope and inspiration. She's an expert on accessible design, inclusive travel/tourism, disability awareness, employment, marketing, and advertising.

Deborah is available for keynotes, workshops, and management/board training sessions.


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**Additional topics are available for customization upon request

1. More Beautiful for Having Been Broken

Learn how to rebuild your self image and gain a new understanding of how true identity can be formed when you’re living in a different body and having what many refer to as a “disability". 


2. The Case For Authentic Disability Stock Photos

Learn how to make sure your company is correctly representing people with disabilities and how to quickly adapt your websites and advertisements with positive representation.


3. Marketing to People with Disabilities: The Forgotten Frontier

Learn how to make sure your business has the right voice to correctly market to the community of people with mobility disabilities.


4. Disability in the Workplace: Raising Your Profits, While Also Doing the Right Thing

Learn the complex benefits to your organization from having people with disabilities in your workplace. It's not only disabled people that benefit, but also your bottom line.

5. Empowered to Be Inclusive in the Workplace

Learn how to create disability awareness within your teams, develop inclusion strategies, and enable your organization to provide accommodations that make sense.

6. Welcoming Individuals with Disabilities & Putting People First

Learn how make your facilities friendly to customers with disabilities. People with disabilities have the most buying power of any traditionally underrepresented group, so it's good business to make sure your facilities are accessible to customers with disabilities.

7. Accessible Travel: Is It Necessary?

Learn the tools tourism organizations need to allow increased profits from the accessible environments that enable inclusion. Disabled adults control over $3 trillion in discretionary income worldwide, so it's important to provide your visitors with the resources they need.




Top Tier Leadership

“Deborah is a compelling, articulate business woman with a message. She delivers speeches from the heart that make you think, feel, and go out and do something! She has a unique way of making an audience feel like she is speaking just to you. What a gift!”


Event Attendee

“Your ability to communicate on stage is very impressive. In addition to your obvious passion for communicating with persons in the disability community, you have a great message for the non-disabled community. Your observations and experiential understanding of being disabled in a non-disabled world has the potential to open a lot of eyes ...”