PUSHLiving Advisors offers the comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex disability inclusion issues of your organization. 


PUSHLiving Advisors is part of the PUSHLiving Network of companies. PUSHLiving is in the business of providing valuable resources, information, and services to clients with mobility disabilities and all those who care about including them in our private and public arenas.

PUSHLiving is a publisher, retailer, digital image library, travel operator, educator/trainer, business/marketing expert, and professional speaker service with the underlying mission of elevating disability beyond the charity and inspiration model, to one of real inclusion and opportunity.

With over 30 years of experience, our PUSHLiving Advisor services provide the guidance and tools needed to assist all those who want to make the world an easier place to navigate for those who roll, not walk.


Founder and CEO Deborah J. Davis has been advocating for accessibility in the world we live in and inclusion in the media since 1992 in nonprofit, corporate, sales, and public speaking positions. In 2007, when she founded the first disability inclusive stock image library, now PUSHLivingPhotos.com. Davis, who was in a car accident at 18, that caused C6 - C7 spinal cord injury,  resulting in incomplete quadriplegia, is committed to creating opportunities for others with disabilities to succeed. Deborah is a mother of two girls, a world traveler, and an experienced sales and marketing professional with a Bachelors of Business Administration-Finance from the University of Miami.


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